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Summer Swimwear Guide: 7 Best Swimsuits for Women 2023

You are calling out to all those searching for swimwear for women. You are at the right place because this women's boutique swimwear guide is the perfect pit stop to find out what's suitable and trending.

Summer is approaching, which means swimsuits season is round the corner. You may have a whole Pinterest board including all the trendy swimsuits, but it's time you purchase them before the season begins to get the best stuff before it all runs out.

Have a vacation, multiple beach plans, or want to get that tan back? It's time you prepare to look the trendiest on the beach this summer!

Let's dive into the details and find out about boutique swimwear trendy tankinis, modest swimsuits, bikinis, cover ups, swimdress, and so much more; keep reading at Evaless boutique women's clothing online shop!

What’s Good?

For those wondering what's good this upcoming season, I will be letting you know what I am leaning towards. 

Animal Prints and Camouflage Prints for sure! Can animal prints ever go out of style?

Take zebra stripes, cheetah print, leopard print and camouflage print swimwear. It always ends up looking stylish and flattering.

No matter your body type, you can ace the look pretty well.

Then comes a line of solid matching separates; summer is all about bringing colors that make your body look sexy and make you feel confident.

Grab bikinis in yellow, neon colors, reds, whites, blues, and blacks.

But keep in mind, pastels are good too. Go for light blues, pinks, light yellows, and lavenders. You will be getting compliments.

Another source of attraction is the earthy tones like beige, olive greens, skin color.

These will look excellent on chocolatey skin, bring out curves, and make you feel the best.

Then comes the tropical prints; these are so chic and trendy. Picture yourself lying on the beach under the golden sun wearing a tropical print tankini, one-piece, and even bikinis.

I am obsessing over tropicals and will be sharing a few prints I am eyeing.

All the curvy ladies or have just had a baby, I am thinking about you too. We have something in the store that will be the perfect plus-size swimwear for you this summer.

7 Best Swimsuits for Women To Look Good This Summer

Leopard Prints Swimsuit

Suppose you want to keep up a playful vibe and wear something fun. Leopard prints are perfect!

You may want to go for something flattering but not too revealing but still makes you look the best.


Many retailers find it quite challenging to keep these prints in stock, so it's better to sell them off and get your hands on these animal leopard prints tankinis, sexy bikinis and even modest one-piece swimsuits.

Tropical Floral Swimsuit

Tropical floral prints on your swimsuit? Yes, yes! This beautiful green and floral print is the perfect topical bikini set you need.

It's a little different and comes in a sports bra style, u-shaped neckline, and high-waisted bottoms.

This will be an eye-turner when you walk around on the beach! Grab this floral bikinis swimsuit and make your summer tropical this year. 

Black is Basic But a Must!

As gorgeous as black bikini looks, you may want to get your hands on this beautiful black one-piece. You will find this beautiful black swimsuit in sizes small to 2XL; how cool! Evaless has thought of everyone.

You can wear this to your beach parties; pair it with cover-up, a cute woven hat, or just wear sunnies some chunky bracelets. Seems perfect!

You can find it in black and even electric blue. Sport this look, and you will definitely be getting compliments!

Earthy Tone Swimsuit:

Olive green and ruffles, you need this! This floral, ruffled, and olive green two-piece bikini set will be your summer favorite. Here’s a little insight: Take this one out a bit later. You can wear other bikinis and tankini swimsuits at the start of summer, but once you get that beautiful tan, bring this one out. Trust me, and this is a head turner!

Bright Bikini Set:

Neons will always be in fashion! They always make you look beautiful. For those who want to stand out, this bright bikini and floral set are for you. Grab it now and stand out!

It's bright, blue, and ruffled, with floral bottoms. So, all your time spent tanning will come to great use because this swimsuit will be a head-turner. Prepare yourself to make a statement.

With neon flip flops, chunky bracelets, and sunnies, wear it at beach parties, an intimate pool gathering. It’s a comfortable and perfect bikini set. Grab it now!

Color Block Bikini Set:

Summer 2023 is all about experimenting, and what better way than to get this pastel pin, light blue, and white color block set. It’s unique and will look good on all body types.

You can easily find it in multiple sizes; sport this confidently during the daytime and evenings. For nights you can go for blacks and even neons. This is a fun option and one of the best swimsuits for women in comfort, style, and even color. Grab it now and get your summer swimsuit closet ready!

A Showstopper for Curvy Women:

To all the curvy women this summer season, all I have to say is embrace the change.

The best way to do it is by getting your hands on the beautiful plus-size swimwear, getting out of your home, and going straight to the beach.

Get out, meet people, let everyone see how confident you are about the change, and look sexy!


Wear sunnies, tan on the beach, sip margaritas, and have a good time. You can wear this during the day and even at night for any beach parties. 

Our plus-size swimsuit material is comfortable for new moms who are finally getting back to normality and flexible for those worrying if it won’t fit.

It comes in different sizes. Check it out and grab it now!


You finally have the Best Guide to Summer Swimsuits 2023!

While you are relaxing and waiting for summer to approach, you can quickly take out my summer favorites and have a good time.

And we have the new line - American flag swimsuit, which you can buy it for patriotic celebrating the Flag Day and 4 July US Independence Day.

It’s time you all go and grab yours before the stock runs out. It’s always good to be prepared before. Happy Swimsuit shopping!

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