Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shirt

When choosing which clothes to wear, we want to find one that recognizes us, gives us style, and fits well, that's why we're giving you these tips in Personalized T-Shirts so you can choose the perfect T-shirt and enjoy Your new accessory, make the most of it and feel confident and secure, so let's not waste any more time, let's get started.

What elements should you consider?

Cotton t-shirts are a basic piece that you should have in your wardrobe, not only because it gives you style, but also because they are very comfortable and fresh, plus they can be used almost all year round due to their versatility. .If you need to choose the perfect shirt, be sure to consider your body type (back, chest, waist, hip size, neck and arm volume). Also, keep your body type in mind, as a very tight t-shirt doesn't look good at all, only some very loose t-shirts look good, however, it's not the style of choice for some people.


If you are a woman, there are some special recommendations for you, for example, if you have wider hips, we recommend that the length of the shirt should be above the hips, because if it is lower than the hips, it will give the impression that this part of your body is shorter than Be bigger, and visually your legs will appear shorter. To make your neckline look good, you should consider that the most commonly used are pointed (V) or square, t-shirts with straight lines will hide your breast volume and also elongate your neck, if you have small breasts to wear Crew neck.

In terms of sleeves, the most commonly used are classic styles, but women also recommend long-sleeved shirts, which are a good choice. Importantly, they know that dark colors stylize the body and prints add volume.

Styles you can choose

You can take inspiration from these styles to choose the perfect shirt, and we're sure some of the styles we'll name below can be part of your look:

Classics: Every one of us should have at least one in our wardrobe, any color, although white, black or gray are the most commonly used these days, their popularity lies in the fact that they can be easily paired with almost any outfit, which are great when you don't A safe bet when knowing what to wear. We recommend that they don't cling to your body, those basic cuts with some modern designs are the best, and there's no doubt that they're ideal for women's fashion.


Marinera: It's one of the most iconic characters, it's used a lot by figures as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Jean-Paul Gaultier, it was Coco Chanel who rescued it from sailors and turned it into a costume of excellence, its level Stripes are an icon. We recommend it for summer use.

Evaless: Their designs have skulls, images or names of famous bands, favorite color is black, great for casual wear, with some grunge, you can find what suits you best, add sunglasses and hats fleece add more style, they are undoubtedly one of the basic shirts for women.

Animal prints: They are one of the funniest and are used for informal occasions and are usually worn by the youngest, however, don't stop wearing them just for that reason. The dress should be light and not revealing, not too tight on the neck, try to be made of high-quality cotton so that the color or image can identify you.

Prints: They are one of the most used prints for men and women this season, with no reservations about floral prints, use them to give yourself a summer beach style.

Match the t-shirt to your outfit.


One of the keywords to combine the perfect t-shirt with your outfit is "reshape". If you want to look original and unique, you can design and generate clothing combinations that suit you. The key is to mix casual and elegant. Some examples of pairing with shirts are long skirts, blouses or jackets, also combining both types of prints, paired with colored trousers, etc.

Be sure to choose shirts that enhance your physical qualities like hair, eyes, skin, and figure, if you like dark colors you should know they will make you look slimmer, dress in a single color, that is, wear a colored shirt, dark jeans, they'll make you look like you've lost a few kilos. We hope these tips will help you expand your look and choose the best tee. Remember, at Evaless gifts we have quality products and you can customize your t-shirts. Do you have any advice to share? We await your comments and don't forget that you can also share this article on your social networks.

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