How unisex t-shirts fit on women with a larger bust

How your bust size shapes a shirt fit

I will tell you a little secret: How your bust size shapes a shirt fit. And if you're not a woman with an hourglass figure (or average-sized breasts), finding a unisex shirt that fits suitable might be tricky. They're cut differently than most women's t-shirts: more tapered in the waist (which is crucial if you have curves) and boxier denim overalls.


This makes them well-suited for layering under cool jackets or cute sweaters—and the long sleeves keep your wrists warm even if the sun goes down early. If you like loose-fitting tees but hate billowy shoulders or ill-fitting waistbands on female versions, unisex could be the way to go. Here are some of my favorite types of unisex t-shirts that'll fit every shape and size beautifully:


But don't worry! I've got nine tips for determining which size to buy and how to get the best fit. Let's start with some basics:




Unisex t-shirts are typically more tapered in the waist.

The first thing to remember is that unisex t-shirts are typically more tapered in the waist than women's t-shirts.

If you're buying a shirt for the first time, you may find that it fits differently than other t-shirts you own—but don't worry! This is because they're designed to fit many body types, including those with larger busts and smaller shoulders. You can still wear your unisex shirt proudly. I love my girlfriend shirt, she's cool and beautiful in unisex t-shirts.


They generally have a boxier cut, making them well-suited for layering.

If you're looking for a shirt that is boxier and a bit more relaxed, unisex t-shirts are an excellent choice. The boxier cut makes them ideal for layering. Because they don't hug the body as closely as women's t-shirts, they have more room in the waist, shoulders, and chest. Unisex t-shirts are often thicker fabric—and therefore warmer—which also helps when layering.




Unisex t-shirts often have shorter sleeves.

The sleeve length of unisex t-shirts is usually shorter than women's t-shirts. This is because the shirt is designed to be layered under other t-shirts, which are typically longer and baggier in style. Since unisex t-shirts have shorter sleeves, they may not fit nicely if you're wearing them alone—especially if you have larger arms or thicker forearms.

If you want to wear a unisex shirt by itself but don't want it to look too short or tight, pick a thicker fabric that will keep its shape better over time (such as cotton).


Unisex t-shirts have a slightly longer torso than average women's t-shirts making them a great choice if you're tall and tired of tops that hit you mid-abdomen.

If you're tall and want to wear long tops, unisex t-shirts are a great option. Most unisex t-shirts are more extended than women's, so they will fall past your waistline. This creates an illusion that the torso is shorter, making it appear more proportioned to your body.




The neckline is often a little higher, drawing the eye up and creating a more elongated look.

Shirt necklines are often a little higher. This creates the illusion of a longer neck and can make you appear taller. It also draws the eye up, which gives the impression that your bust is smaller than it is.

High-neckline t-shirts are great for all body types because they offer a more feminine look without being too revealing (if you don't want to show cleavage). They're flattering on every face shape and can be paired with any pants, skirt/dress.


Graphic tees tend to be heavier than women's versions.

One of the most significant differences between unisex t-shirts and women's versions is that unisex t-shirts tend to be heavier. While this makes for a more challenging, durable shirt and one that's more likely to last longer, it also means that you'll need to take care when washing it.

When purchasing a unisex graphic tee from any brand, check out the fabric's weight and composition. It won't fit you well if it seems too light or thin.




If you like loose-fitting tees, unisex could be the way to go.

Unisex may be the way to go if you're looking for a looser-fitting shirt. You can find tees with a little more room around the chest and shoulders than women's. Unisex t-shirts are also generally longer than their female counterparts, but if you don't mind rocking a tunic or high-rise ripped jeans, this is nothing to worry about.



Small is the size for you if you have a smaller bust, shorter frame, or are just looking for the most comfortable fit. Any woman with an A-cup or smaller bust would do well in this size. Women with smaller frames will also find this more comfortable than other sizes. Women who wear small in their tops may also wear small in unisex t-shirts if they want an extra fitted feel around their waist and upper body.



If you're an A cup, this shirt is perfect for you. You'll be able to show off your figure without feeling too constricted. If you're a small B or C, this shirt will feel comfortable but still give that excellent coverage that women with more petite boobs need.




Women with larger busts should avoid unisex t-shirts unless they have a high chance of fitting into the medium sizes. However, some brands also make unisex t-shirts in large sizes—check the sizing chart before purchasing!



You may have difficulty finding t-shirts that fit your body type with a large bust. Especially if you're not a size 4 or 6 but not quite an 8 or 10. Good news! You can still wear unisex tees. They're just made for people with slightly larger chests and shoulders than the standard women's shirt (and again, we'll get into why later).


Here are some tips for how to go about wearing unisex tees if you have a larger chest:

  • Fit: These t-shirts will be fitted on most people, so aim for something that isn't too tight and won't show off any lumps or bumps in your midsection. If it feels too snug around the chest area, go up one size.
  • Fabric: Unisex tees typically don't offer much stretch and aren't meant to be worn with a bra—so if yours has some elasticity (which can sometimes happen when they're printed), now is not the time to take advantage; of it! Instead, opt for an undershirt tank top (or a regular tee-shirt).



XL unisex women's long sleeve t shirt are the largest size of unisex t-shirts. Unisex XLs usually come in the same colors as smaller sizes, but they aren't always available in the same styles. Unisex XLs can be hard to find online and may only be available at brick-and-mortar stores.




This shirt is best suited for flatter chests.

For you, this shirt is best suited for flatter chests.

Our unisex t-shirts are loose-fitting on men and women alike, which means they're not the right fit for everyone. If you have a larger bust, the hoodie will pull across your chest, making it uncomfortable to wear over long periods. However, this shirt may be too loose for comfort if you have a smaller bust or prefer more form-fitting clothing (like many women).



That's how unisex t-shirts fit on ladies with a bigger bust! The most significant aspect of this design is that it can be worn by anybody who wants to seem trendy and comfortable at the same time. The only thing you have to bear in mind when picking your size is whether or not your bust will fit inside the shirt comfortably (with no tension) (with no tightness). If yes, then go ahead and get one now!

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