How To Choose Women's Shirt For Your Body Type

women's shirts are fashionable all year round and adapt to any style. But are you sure you want to select it to enhance your silhouette? Don't worry, we'll help you with these simple and beautiful rules that will give you top (and elegance)

Their women's shirts are the cornerstone of any style and wardrobe, from the most classic to the minimal to the ultra-romantic. In short, a timeless fashion whose glamour never fades (in fact, it's been confirmed as a top of the summer must-haves for 2021-2022, otherwise it wouldn't be possible). However, even though it has been worn by us for generations, women's shirts tend to wear poorly. Or better: it doesn't maximize our silhouette. How to find the perfect women's shirt?

A few simple tricks are enough to make you taller, slimmer, and leaner, but also more elegant, chic, and casual. In one word, or in two words: more beautiful. To help you choose the perfect women's women's shirt that truly proves to be your BFF forever, we've compiled a look-saving vade mecum. These are simple "fashion rules" and once you learn them, you can't go wrong with women's shirts.

How to choose the perfect women's shirt - The classic white tee: for everyone, but with a few tricks

There is no wardrobe to ignore "her": the white women's shirt your majesty. It is the most refined garment in existence, in fact, it is the "key part" around which all the most fashionable French garments revolve.

But you don't have to be a Parisian doctor to wear it: every woman should have a white women's shirt to elevate her temperament. Tall and skinny, she can choose a crew neck or pockets that are softly shaped and less square. result? The optical illusion of rounded edges imparts a curvilinear effect. Conversely, those who want a small size and a few centimeters taller can get help from a white women's shirt with a pointed collar and cuffs: the sharp cut at the tapered end will elongate the figure, seeing is believing! For the perfect figure, classic and fitted cuts are great options, but those petite and slender can wear a nice white oversize women's shirt that is stylish and cool to not only wear but look cool.

Vertically striped women's shirt looks slimmer

In addition to point collars and cuffs, another trick can help you look slimmer and taller: vertical lines. A women's t-shirt with this pattern is guaranteed to give you a lot of satisfaction in front of the mirror. Is there any way to enhance the slimming effect? Choose a light background with dark lines. Everyone asks how you found the perfect body for your boutique outfit.


For a minimalist outfit, let the stripes be the only pattern and choose a solid color for the rest for instant elegance. Otherwise, allow yourself to get caught up in the coincidences between distant causes, like geometric stripes on a blouse and batik patterns on a pleated maxi skirt. Despite the huge differences between the two styles, the result will be harmonious (this is the secret of fashion). Since vertical lines will thin the body, keep in mind that horizontal lines, conversely, will have an effect on the antipodal, so avoid them if you don't want "puffy" results.

A classy and elegant dark women's shirt (literally)

Elegance on top? The one above. The top half of the look dominates when it comes to sophistication, and choosing a dark color is always a great way to avoid fashion mistakes.

Dark neutrals like dark brown, navy, dark grey, and moss green are sure to look stunning. Not to mention black, which is always the most effective when it comes to elegance. Aside from making you look chic, the value of a dark women's shirt is in giving it an enviable silhouette. You know, dark shades make you look slimmer. Also, the typically pointed collar of most women's shirts lends extra slenderness to the figure. If you go for black or in any case a very, very dark color, you can also opt for an oversized cut instead of a stretchy cut, as this shade already helps you look slimmer, so you don't need anything else.


Blue women's shirt, fresh and chic!

Another evergreen is the blue women's shirt, quintessential everyday wear for those who opt for a more casual form of sophistication. A very light blue, almost white, will be more sophisticated, and light blue will put you in sheer romanticism.

Since they are very muted shades in both cases, they will not guarantee a slimming effect in dark colors, quite the opposite. So blue women's shirts are good for everyone, but only if you don't want a slimmer-than-real result. Remarkable heights can flaunt it in any sauce because they don't seek an extra boost at all. Still, even petite girls don't have to give up a good-looking blue women's shirt, just go a little bigger. On the other hand, the linen version with oversized lines is recommended only for the thinnest of people and works perfectly with black leggings and a straight skirt.

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