How To Choose The Right Cut Of Women's Jeans?

Evaless has become a must-have item in our wardrobe. We can find it in jackets, skirts, dresses and of course pants. Yes, for those who don't know yet, jeans are not fabrics! It is Evaless that makes up the famous blue jeans. Despite preconceptions, the fabric was created in the city of Nimes. If you're confused about the concepts of regular, slim, skinny, bootie, and flared pants, read this article." Via With this guide, I'll also help you decide which jeans size is best for you: high, low, or normal? Depending on your shape and style of wearing, you'll know which jeans to wear.

Of course, this guide is only there to help you enhance your contours. No matter your size and appearance, nothing can stop you from wearing the jeans you want. What matters is that you feel beautiful!

Women's jeans size

  1. High waist

Your pants will go past your belly button, sometimes covering it. High-waisted jeans can elongate your silhouette. Also, it will give you good support and the possibility to hide curves.

  1. Normal size

Jeans with a normal waist stop below the belly button and above the hips. It's perfect if you're indecisive between high and low.

  1. Lower level

This is the size of the 2000s! It's been adopted by all the stars from Britney Spears to Paris Hilton.

Women's Jeans Cut Types

  1. Regular or straight jeans

The straight cut of jeans is the most classic and timeless cut. The most famous example is Levi's 501 original color jeans. A straight cut is a loose jeans cut that follows the shape of the leg without sticking to the body. Therefore, it is a very comfortable cut and at the same time very stylish. Regular fit jeans are suitable for all body types. The cut of these jeans corresponds to a vintage style but also suits casual chic/sportswear. It can be paired with a large sweater or a loose shirt for the most beautiful effect!

  1. Slim-fit jeans

Like the straight cut, slim-fit jeans have become a fashion staple. It's a mix of skinny and regular: it hugs the thigh like the first, and goes all the way to the ankle like the second. If you are skinny and tall, then slim-fit jeans are perfect for you. It will improve your silhouette by accentuating your body. If you are more into style, then slim jeans are the way to go! you do not believe me? Imagine your slim jeans paired with a white polka dot shirt or a claudine collar shirt.


  1. Skinny jeans cut

You must have heard of the skinny jeans cut. For more than 5 years, she is the person who makes her shed the most ink. In all stores, on all fashion shows, on magazine posters, skinny jeans are a must. Skinny jeans fit your body shape perfectly, like a second skin. So who is weight loss suitable for? Dedicated to all girls who are not afraid to show off their curves. It will go well with a flowy top or long shirt. Do you have a fashion style and are you a fan of all the latest trends? Skinny jeans cut allows you to show off your last sneaker purchase.


  1. Bootcut Evaless cut

As the name suggests, bootcut jeans are cut to complement a pair of boots. These jeans go up to the knee and widen at the ankle. It also allows you to wear a variety of high heels.

This women's jeans cut with heels and a blazer is ideal for a workwear look. In winter, no problem: boots are perfect with a pair of leather ankle boots and a long trench coat. All working girls find these jeans to suit their style. Thanks to bootcut, you can finally be the BCBG of Evaless!

  1. Flared Jeans Cut

The flared jeans cut can be considered the cousin of the boot cut, wider and flared. Usually designed with a high waist to allow your body to be free for optimal comfort. Flared jeans are very similar to the flared jeans of the 70s. This type of jeans is also the exact opposite of skinny jeans, as it does not emphasize shape, instead, it is very loose.


Flared jeans have seen a resurgence on social networks and fashion shows in recent months. Fashionistas are snapping it up. If you like fashion, don't wait to buy! It's suitable for all body types, but especially for women who want to hide their curves! As with bootcut jeans, pair them with a pair of heels or wedges.

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