How often do you hear people interchangeably use the word boho and hippie, especially in terms of style? Well, you could perhaps count that on your fingers. The boho and hippie fashion styles are often classified in the same style category.

Regularly in the fashion industry, we are told that the bohemian style is making a comeback, and the hippie style has been hot on the runways.

Since the two styles are identical, they can be confused easily. While no one says it's incorrect, real bohemian-style enthusiasts and bona fide hippies disapprove of the widespread misunderstanding created between them.

While both styles have specific overlapping components, this blog highlights some significant differences. Most importantly, they both have radically unique and distinct origin histories; they symbolize several facets of subculture.

Now, we'll take a deeper look at these unique and free-spirited styles in fashion, highlighting their resemblance and dissimilarity.

The Differences between Boho and Hippie Style

Historically speaking, these two styles come from entirely different backgrounds, somewhat contrasting. When the Boho style started to take off, it mainly focused on making unflinching imaginative statements and savoring in artistic independence— a way of unapologetic self-expression for the people while keeping environmental and social issues in mind.

On the other hand, the hippie style was born with a distinct purpose in mind. The trend began in the mid-60s, and the era's youth passionately opposed anything they believed was unfair. Loose-fitting garments, long hair, floral headbands, tattered denim, and patchwork designs dominated the look. The hippie look was more about consciously refusing to conform to social conventions.

The Boho Style

Boho style is about being authentic to your own self, regardless of what styles are mainstream. It's about communicating one's own personal style preferences and using them to steer the path of one's visual narrative.

This is often done by wearing soft, light, and breathable outfits produced from light fabrics that are obtained organically, sustainably, and ethically like linen and cotton. Gallant designs, patterns, and color blends may also be found in men's and women's bohemian clothing.

Hippie Fashion

Hippie fashion is more about making a big anti-establishment and occasionally imaginative statement than it is about being up-to-the-minute. Colors and patterns are typically subdued by using muted colors that are more in coordination with natural surroundings.

In an authentic hippie feel, numerous clothes and accessories are commonly handcrafted from whatever natural materials the individual can find in their local market.

With all that said, if what we discussed above is boho and hippie fashion, then what exactly is boho-chic style? Does it fall under the same category as boho style, or is it entirely different?

So What Exactly Is Boho Chic?

While boho and hippie styles have their differences, they have a fused style called boho chic style. It is incorporated into daily wear with a flare of trend. Both boho and hippie fashions heavily influence boho-chic fashion since it encompasses the notion of baggy-fitting, flowy, and lightweight clothes.

Boho chic fashion, like its forerunners, borrows heavily from a wide range of cultures, counter cultures, and ideas. Boho chic apparel is incredible for anyone who feels like they can balance authentic counter-culture susceptibilities without completely estranging conventional concepts.

Are you looking for gorgeous and one-of-a-kind boho clothing online? At Evaless, you could get yourself boho accessories and clothing items that may best match your taste and clothing preference. Here's what you can expect to come across while exploring through the store, have a look.

A Boho-Chic Staple: Off-Shoulder Ruffled Floral Dress

This floral dress has all the elements of a bohemian outfit evident in the flowery pattern. It's natural and free-flowing with a bit of off-shoulder action to accentuate the body features a little more, which is a staple of femininity. The shades of brown spread across, adding to the general appeal of the dress, with the waist tie acting as a cinch. This spectacular dress can be found on the website along with other boho-chic styles.

A Perfect Boho Chic Essential: Swiss Dot Mini Dress


Want to add a little neutral blue to your wardrobe? Do you have a brunch plan for the weekend but have nothing to wear? Well, worry not, you can shop this gorgeous head-turning dress at Evaless for a reasonable price. Not only will you be looking like a million bucks, but you will have a perfect dress that focuses the entire attention on that gorgeous neckline and the ruffled sleeves. The Swiss dot pattern is just an added treat for the eyes.

Quirkily Stunning: Green Embroidery Patch Blouse


There's nothing prettier than a blouse with some contrasting patchwork on it. You should check out this deep green blouse with embroidery on both the neck and the lower edges of the sleeves. The design adds to the bohemian allure of the wearer, allowing you to be more artistically expressive with your style.

Casual wear does not have to be boring, you could revamp your wardrobe and add this piece to your collection, pair it with denim jeans or shorts and some sandals, and you're good to go! If you're interested in similar pieces, then you should definitely explore the collection available on Evaless's website for more pleasant surprises.



You do not have to fall back on trends just because your taste doesn't match mainstream fashion. Check out this Floral Print Romper designed to flatter your shoulders. It comes with an exposed back and relaxed fit, allowing you to dress up nicely; this romper has a nice touch with pockets.

By adding matching shoes and jewelry, you can wear them for casual events while keeping yourself stylish. If you're interested in similar items, then we suggest you browse through the clothes Evaless offers; you'll indeed find the perfect piece for your wardrobe.



What fun is a pair of regular pants when you can have a way cooler version of it? Check out these SNAKESKIN PRINT WIDE LEGS PANTS that are sure to sweep you off of your feet. These pants are nothing like your regular pants, and they come with a SNAKESKIN PRINT so you can cinch your waist with a long flowy leg fit.

We've mentioned enough tops for you to choose from, and now it's time for us to introduce you to a unique piece of clothing that you may want to invest in. If you know anything about bohemian fashion, you'll know that these pants are a must-have for every boho-chic-inspired closet.



A dress designed to heighten a woman's femininity is a dress that women should invest in. Without the feminine element present in a dress, the dress would be entirely useless. This fun FLARED SLEEVE LACE MAXI DRESS is perfect for a casual afternoon out or a beach trip, feeling toasty in the sun with your friends and family.

Another interesting detail of the dress is its cinched waist with two strings hanging from the base of the neckline, adding a tassel touch to the whole piece without interfering with its exquisiteness. Your suntan will look breathtaking in their piece. All you need to do is top it off with a floppy sunhat and a cute pair of sandals.

Bohemian Chic Wardrobe: V NECK Lace Tank Top


The Lace contrast in all designs makes the bohemian style stand out from the rest. This V NECK Lace Tank Top is a must-have if you really want to bring out your bohemian personality. Besides, this tank top can be paired with anything from jeans to shorts and everything in between.

So, why not invest in a good top that you can wear to multiple places and day events? We have other tank top for women comes in four different colors; if you want to check out similar items, you must visit Evaless; they have everything a woman could possibly want.


With the clothing items listed above, it is apparent that bohemian and hippie styles are entirely different, yet they share similar traits.

While both styles deviate considerably from the mainstream, boho chic is still more fashionable than the hippie style, allowing people to express themselves without any restrictions. In contrast, hippies are more restricted, tied to the concept of counter-culturalism, which is nestled in not conforming with the mainstream fashion trends.

The boho-chic style is a fusion between bohemian and hippie style, allowing people to stay in touch with the mainstream, all the while not conforming to it entirely. With a careful and subtle amalgamation of natural fabrics and earthy colors, the chic boho style is here to stay as the rest of the trends keep changing for the better. If you want to check out more boho-chic statement items or bohemian style clothing, then explore Evaless for a wide variety of boho clothes for you to pick from.

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