7 Tips For Choosing The Right Jeans Online

With the closure of "non-essential" stores, we will now have no choice but to shop online. But in the end, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Especially when you go over size 48. The offer in large size jeans is indeed more extensive on the internet. You don't know how to choose the perfect model and avoid endless parcel returns? The writing gives you some advice to apply, whatever your morphology.

1 - Don't focus on size

It is absolutely not uncommon to have several pairs of jeans of different sizes in your dressing room, bought in the same year. Nothing to do with weight variations , it's more about brands that all cut differently. When shopping on the internet , there is therefore no point in staying focused on your clothing size when choosing your jeans.

2 - Pay attention to the shape

If you like skinny jeans, always keep in mind that they stretch after every wash . Jeans lose their elasticity. Conversely, if you like the open sea and it's a little tight to buy, don't panic. It will relax as you wash it and wear it.

3 - Look carefully at the model

Generally speaking, the models who present the clothes have long legs. Thus, the jeans which arrive just on her ankles will perhaps be much longer for you who are "only" 1m60 tall, or vice versa if you are taller than the model. The same goes for cropped pants and 7/8ths. What looks "short" on the model might make you pants. Look in the caption of the photo, the measurements of the model may be indicated.


4 - Take a look at the brand's social networks

Thin models with endless legs are all very well, but they don't necessarily represent your silhouette. More and more brands are reposting photos of their customers on their social networks (Instagram and Facebook). This is a good way to find a woman with the morphology that looks like you . Do not forget to read the comments, because many Internet users leave their opinion under the photos.


5 - Think about your seamstress

Let's say you've found the perfect pair of jeans. It gives you nice buttocks, the waist is high and the crotch is well placed. The only problem: is the length. At that time, there is no need to send the package back. Instead, consider making an appointment with your designer who will make the necessary alterations so that your jeans fit like a glove on you!

6 - Carefully read the size guide

Brands that do not offer them are now rare - we advise you to avoid them to be sure not to go wrong. Take a tape measure and take the following measurements: waist, hip, and leg length. All you have to do is refer to the size guide on each product page and choose the right size using the measurements indicated.

7 - Choose your jeans according to your morphology

If slender women with a thin nature are lucky enough to be able to wear all forms of jeans, this is not necessarily the case for you. Whether it's a matter of choice or preference, there are a few tips for choosing the perfect pair of jeans for your body type.

Tailored suits, clothing for everyone

A true wardrobe staple, the women's clothing is a timeless piece for all environments, seasons and trends. This glamour-controlled garment is perfect for women looking for beautiful cuts and clean lines. It gives us the freedom to mix and match jackets, trousers or skirts as we like. We give you all our advice on choosing, wearing and maintaining it.

How to choose the right tailor?

Before starting, it is really necessary to ask the right questions in order to know which model to turn to. In the case of an elegant suit to the office, it is necessary to favor neutral shades: black, gray, or even navy. For example, there's nothing stopping you from giving it a little vibrancy with a colorful shirt or fancy shoes.

For a big event like a christening or wedding, why not choose white (shattered so as not to cover the bride) or a muted color like pink or lilac? These shades will discreetly bring out your summer tan and brighten your complexion. You also need to think about cuts. Do you think it is better to wear a short blazer or a long blazer? Stylistically, trouser suits are the big winners of the 2020s. Comfortable and ultra-modern, it's also available in 7/8 sizes, either close to the body, or more flared.

Side skirts, we'll accent our legs with sophistication. We would choose it straight for its chic side. Or open slightly to create volume. As a general rule, if you are tall, the height of the skirt suit is the knee or mid-calf. Wear yours with heels for the perfect look. In any case, we recommend that you turn to a custom tailor. There is nothing better than finding a set that exactly matches your shape.

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